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Fan: “Who’s bigger - Sungjong oppa or Myungsoo oppa?”
Woohyun: “Hold on, which part are you asking about? We have to clarify this…”
Dongwoo: “I swear, Infinite all have it big.”
Infinite have big D
Fan: “When are you guys gonna open a +19 concert?”

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there are two types of people

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2014. 08. 21 Sunggyu’s Kissing Scene in Japanese Musical Dracula
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**This, by the way, is the very first and maybe the only kissing scene I have and will ever view in my whole life. Just tellin’ because it’s a record holder…**

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140612 SBS Cultwo Show
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Portrait for Kim Myungsoo / watercolor

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three mics for dongwoo (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Q: Share a story from your MV filming

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Mnet PD (@MnetMV): Congrats on #Mcountdown debut stage! Moreover, celebrating 1st too! U are #WINNER! #MPD ,Dave and #WINNER’s <MV commentary> will be updated soon please wait! RT for celebration!

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