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13/∞ reasons to love Kim myungsoo → his flat / hairy tummy

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No crimes, no bad relationships, unique music, likable to the public
1. [+338, -33] I hope Infinite, SHINee, and Beast continue to promote without controversies and become like Shinhwa

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Baekren’s weak excuses to get out of eating scorpions x

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Do you like N-hyung?

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During an interview by Ashwaq in Dubai, Infinite introduced themselves one by one. While the rest of Infinite clapped after each introduction, Myungsoo did nothing but yapped his legs and drank water. 

Until Sungjong introduced himself.

Look at that baby seal coming out of Myungsoo.

Video here (BabysealSoo starts at 01:07)

I seriously just can’t get over this… It’s so freaking funny T_T /laughing so hard, tears are pouring out!/

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Sungjong who only does aegyo to his girlfriend and Inspirits ♥

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  • WOOLLIM: let's build new building for our company.
  • WOOLLIM: let's finally debut our girl group.
  • WOOLLIM: let's prepared DVDs of Infinite
  • WOOLLIM: let's focus on Tasty's Chinese promotions
  • WOOLLIM: how about another comeback for the sub-units?
  • WOOLLIM: i want pizza
  • WOOLLIM: plz subscribe
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140925 Hoseo University Festival
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